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Cúllar Vega is located in the heart of the Vega of Granada, in a term characterized by its poplar masses. Enjoy the location of the Mercedes of the Genil and Dílar rivers, which translates into productive lands and manicured gardens. Of its fertile land stands the polyculture of cereals and beets. Framed in the metropolitan area of ​​Granada, the climate of the municipality offers visitors cold winters and dry and warm summers.

Village of excellent products from the garden such as those used to make rice with vegetables. The fruits of agriculture are joined by livestock, with pig derivatives such as black pudding and sausage. Also present in their recipes are cod fritters and meatballs. When the cold arrives, the neighbors of Cúllar fight it with the soup of maimones and the porridge of “croutons” and spicy. The typical pastry of Cúllar Vega is nourished by pestiños, torrijas, fried donuts and custard.


Patron celebrations in honor of San Miguel Arcángel
The management holidays in honor of San Miguel represent one of the high points in terms of celebrations referred to in the Cúllar Vega calendar. Religious events, cultural activities, popular games and night parties are some of the moments that should be taken into account during these days.

San Isidro festivities
In this celebration of San Isidro a massive pilgrimage takes place that directs its participants to the outskirts of the municipality.

Festivities in honor of San Marcos
In this popular day of San Marcos, the culleros go out to the field to collect and eat tender beans, which are accompanied with hornazos of bread and hard boiled egg.

What to see
Parish Church of Our Lady of the Assumption of Cúllar Vega
Mudejar style, was erected in the sixteenth century by the hand of the master bricklayer Pablo Hernández. It is a rectangular building divided into two buildings. Built in brick, the two baroque altarpieces that collect the patrons of the town stand out. Highlight the size of the archangel San Miguel, in polychrome wood. Other of its artistic attractions are the bells.

Large cistern in the municipality of Cúllar Vega, a cistern that was already mentioned in the sixteenth century is preserved. He is responsible for collecting, storing and distributing the waters of the Genil and Dílar rivers.


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